The Yuga avataars – Sri Krishna and Ramakrishna
Courtesy: Dr S Adhinarayanan, New Delhi, India

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2 thoughts on “JANMASHTAMI 1

  1. Respected Maharaji!
    Thank you very much for the message and we also send our pronams and wishes on the celebration.
    We are attending here 4 days Discourse (Prabachan) given by visiting Sadhu from India at our Shri Hanuman Mandir here in Toronto.

    Toronto, Canada


    1. Dear Sen babu
      I am indeed happy to know about Sri Krishna ashtami celebration at Toronto. Its always good to attend such discourses wherein the divine Sri Krishna is discussed. The speaker as well as listener – both are benefited. Srimad Bhagavatam says:
      tava kathaamritam tapta-jivanam
      kavibhir iditam kalmashaapaham
      shravana-mangalam srimad-aatatam
      bhuvi grinanti ye bhuridaa janaah (10.31.9)

      O Lord, your words, like sweet nectar, refresh the afflicted. Your words, which poets have sung in verses, vanquish the sins of the worldly. Blessed are they who hear of you, and blessed indeed are they who speak of you. How great is their reward!’
      May Lord Krishna be the charioteer of our Life!
      Swami Vimokshananda


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