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2 thoughts on “BFN PetsPrettyIMG_1163

  1. Revered Maharaj
    How are you?
    It is a wonderful post as always but I especially want to comment on the pretty pets and their perfect pivot! :)
    It reminded me of the Pujya Swami Premananda Maharaj and the cows at Belur Math. I read that whenever Most Revered Maharaj would appear, they would all come jostling for his attention and affection!
    I thought this was a manifestation of the truth of his love… absolute and perfect.
    But later, I have also read that true spirituality draws all creatures towards itself. The author, a well known spiritual luminary of today, cited the example of how pets seem to gravitate towards our places or seats of meditation. And I have also seen that our pet-Cuddle, tries to sit under my mother’s asana whenever she can, or atleast be around when mamma makes japam! It is sweetly amusing!
    These pets are also very smart… and now blessed!
    Thank you for this wonderful picture Revered Maharaj.
    Please accept my pranam and bless me also :)
    Skendha Singh
    New Delhi, India


    1. ||Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||
      Dear Skendha
      Many thanks for your nice comment especially the example quoted from your life experience! Yes, indeed the pets are intelligent and learn quickly the many ways with which they can cheer up their Masters.
      I do remember during my childhood days, in Ghatotand of Hazaribaag district of the present Jharkhand, where I noticed a black dog that used to lie down outside the home. Every day in the evening that dog would be leading us, all children, to the distant Shiva Temple and bring us back home always walking in front, looking for snakes and warning us if he sights any one!
      After all our Hindu idea of evolution is not vertical but circlic, if I can use the term! So, any jiva can take birth in any body of any species as per the jiva‘s karma and bhavana. Hence praying for the welfare of the ‘four-legged’ is essential.
      Well, I have to day penned another new post on Pets. Hope you enjoy reading and also the very relevant photo!
      With best wishes,
      Swami Vimokshananda


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