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“Exit of Ego”

“Exit of Ego”
On Sunday, the 28th October brother monk Swami Shantatmananda requested me to deliver a Talk on the “Exit of Ego”. The Sarada Auditorium at the New Delhi Centre was almost packed to full. Without going into intricacies of Vedantic view of Ego called Ahamkara, I chose to talk on four incidents – two from the recent past and two from the distant past. The first was about Late Swami Ritajananda Ji Maharaj, the Head of our Paris centre in the past – how the blooming ego could be nipped in the bud. The second was about Sister Nivedita – how the ego could be kept under control. The third was about Sri Hanuman Ji – how the ego was absolutely not allowed to raise its ugly head. The fourth was about Divine Mother Jagaddhatri – how the ego could be transformed by the knowledge of the Doer.
Do not worry if the Ego is present all the time and stubborn to exit;  “let the rascal ego remain as a servant” was the solution of Sri Ramakrishna!
This lecture can be heard here:

A few snaps of that evening below in a slideshow:

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