Added 3 Slide shows…

Glimpses of Swamiji’s birthday celebration held at Glencoe, Ladysmith Satsang and Phoenix are placed here in the ‘child’ pages of ‘parent’ page “Slide Shows”. For viewing them please click the ‘child’ pages enumerated at the right sidebar!

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3 thoughts on “Added 3 Slide shows…

  1. Thankyou very much for sending the slideshows and the concern behind that. We would like to get more in near future. Looking forward for your blessings to proceed . Pranam at your feet, Maharajji.


  2. Great. I am amazed at what we can do Thakur can do through his devotees. Regards, Dr. S. Sircar


  3. Dear All, Thakur is playing his game through each one of us. Let us participate in his cosmic dream. Regards, Aditya


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