New Findings on Swamiji’s Passing away

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2 thoughts on “New Findings on Swamiji’s Passing away

  1. Adarneeya Maharajji,
    Saadar Pranaams.
    What a wonderful site!!!!!! I have always felt that INTERNET AS A MEDIA can be highly utilised for spreading the Teachings and Messages of THE HOLY TRIO….And this is what I had in mind….
    Your post titled “MY MAURITIUS MOODS….” was like a “Gospel of a Swami…”. I have this humble request that you should write similar articles regarding YOUR RANCHI experiences. I am sure we the devotees will be definitely ENRICHED WITH DEVOTION AND BLESSINGS….


  2. I am almost reduced to tears after reading the posting.
    I can almost see the grim picture in mental picture.

    Jai Guru Maharaj ji ki jai
    Jai Maha Mai ki Jai
    Jai Swamiji Maharaj ji ki jai

    Yours Sincerely,
    Subhadip Dutta,


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