Economic ill – Any Vedantic pill?

Swami Sunirmalananda
Swami Sunirmalananda

Swami Sunirmalananda has given some serious thoughts to the recent economic recession that had devastating effects in many parts of the world. Is there any vedantic angle to this plaguing ill? Can we at least prevent such maladies? As a student of Vivekananda literature, he delves deeply into the subject and has brought forth truth nuggets that when as an applied science may rejuvenate the entire world.

This blog carried another link to his essay on Sri Ramakrishna and Santa Claus recently.

Please read full article by clicking the below link. This was supplied by Dr Hiru Mukherjee of UK and our hearty thanks go to him!

Swami Vivekananda on character
Vivekananda Card courtesy : Dr S Adhinarayanan

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6 thoughts on “Economic ill – Any Vedantic pill?

  1. Pronam Maharaj,
    This week’s article on economic recession and explanation according to Swamiji’s theory was great. I absolutely loved it. I have been following your blog regularly and am intrigued by the vastness of topics you generally pick up. I would love to read more on similar lines.
    Warm Regards,
    California, USA


  2. Revered Maharaj
    This article is once again a proof of Swami Vivekananda’s relevance to the Modern society. This is a must-read for the youth, not only of India but of the world. The world corporate giants who shape the destiny of the global economy would do well to go through this article to see for themselves the futility of pursuing a gross commercial economics as against the spiritual economics suggested by Swami Vivekananda.

    A needy article – fresh, gentle and persuasive -for the present world.

    with pranams
    Ex-Principal of Vivekananda College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  3. Pranams Revered Maharaj

    I have been avidly reading your blog for some time now without posting any comments but the latest publication by Swami Sunirmalananda is really mind-blowing and has prompted me to submit my comment. Swamiji has really “brought forth truth nuggets” in his article which will provide great hope to many people around the world during these difficult times. The “10 commandments of Spiritual Economics of Swami Vivekananda” needs to be made available to as many people as possible. I’d also like to read more articles by Swami Sunirmalananda. Thanks also to Brother Hiru Mukherjee for supplying this wonderful article.

    Naveen Sewrathan
    Sales & Account Management Consultant
    Land Bank, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


  4. Illumined Swamiji,
    I was fortunate enough to have been sent the link to your site by a spiritual friend. I’ve repeatedly read in the Ramayan of Tulsidasji of the intense joy and absolute satisfaction derived by great personalities like Hanumanji, Bharath, Jathayu and many others- by simply serving the Lord and His subjects. I firmly believe that there is no pay-cheque like the Lord’s. The true twice-born of the present age reflect similar sentiments in their service to humanity and creation in general. It must take greatly enlightened people to make such profound gems become so digestible- even I understood some! It stands to reason then, that more spiritually evolved one is, the lesser is one’s material ownership- in exchange for greater responsibility. I salute you for being an example of that- and may the gracious Lord favor us with many years of your potent yet palatable words of wisdom.

    Kindest regards.
    Suren Ramkumar.
    New Zealand

    Dear Suren
    Welcome to this blog.
    May the Lord’s blessings be on you!
    Swami Vimokshananda


  5. Namasthe Swamiji
    Excellent Post. The master knows the problem and the solutions.
    Can i copy this article and post it on another website?
    Where is the math in Brazil?
    Thank you


    1. Dear Venkatramana
      Thanks for your kind visit and words! Yes, you can freely copy and post it.
      Our Centre is at Sao Paulo in Brazil with three Subcentres. The full addresses are given below:

      Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashrama
      Largo Senador Raul Cardoso
      204 Vila Clementino
      04021-070 Sao Paulo – SP
      Phone: (TeleFax.) 55-11-5572 0428
      Fax: (Tele.) 55-11-5572 0428

      Sub Centre :
      Centro Ramakrishna Vedanta
      Rua Faria Lobato, 389 – Pampulha
      31555-050 – Belo Horizonte – MG, Brazil
      Phone: (55) 31-3427 5995

      Centro Ramakrishna Vedanta
      Rua Professor Hostilio Araujo
      120 – Pilarzinho, 82110 130 – Curitiba
      Paraná, Brazil
      Phone: (55) 41-30272102 / 33382674

      Centro Ramakrishna Vedanta
      Rua Paula Matos, 162 Santa Teresa
      20251-550 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil
      Phone: (55) 21 22243295

      To find the address of any branch centre of Ramakrishna Order, just look up at this website.

      With love and prayers
      Swami Vimokshananda


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