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Children’s Education Programme organised by the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa through its 14 branches conducts what is called ‘Sunday Schools’ which hold Hinduism for Children Classes.

From 4 – 9 years : level 0 which is applicable to students studying in Grades RR, R, 1, 2 and 3. Their activities include colouring, mantra recitals, singing and story telling.

Levels 1 – 4 (Grades 4 to 7) – Comics

Levels 5 – 8 (Grades 8 – 11) – Life, Legacy and Teachings

All the Texts have life-giving morals, values and lessons that are learnt and related with current situations of everyday life. Children are encouraged to practice what they learn. Their Study also includes the learning of mantras and Gita verses along with English meanings.

These Classes are aimed at character building, personality development, and to imbibe morals and values for a modern generation and to equip our youth to face Life’s challenges on the basis of Hinduism. The unique aspect of these classes is the spread of Hinduism in its broadest sense as exemplified and expounded by Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. This year 400 children participated in these classes all over the country and gave examinations. 

Pietermaritzburg Ramakrishna Centre

Ladysmith Ramakrishna Centre

Asherville Sri Sarada Devi Ashram

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11 thoughts on “Certificates Award

  1. Om namo narayanaya Maharaj!

    It is very pleasing to see how well the children and youth performed in their examinations; the benefits in their daily lives will be tremendous. The Sunday classes as well as attending regular Satsangs, have helped me develop spirituality in my adulthood. It was the leap I took from the religion my parents taught me.

    My Pranam to you Maharaj,
    Durban, SA


    1. Yes, Niriksha!
      It was so encouraging to see the little ones adamant in attending the Sunday Classes when the indiffrent(!) parents want to take them somewhere else! And slowly that through the children, the parents later becoming devotees of the Ashram is also not uncommon! Recently at Ladysmith, I heard of a devotee who stopped visiting ashram satsangs for more than 15 years. One day while he was going through the old papers in his trunk, he saw a Certificate that was received by him during his childhood when he attended the Sunday Classes. Immediately he remembered those golden days and he took his child to the Ashram and enrolled him for the class and he re-started attending satsangs that was like beginning a new leaf in his life. Glory to Master, Mother and Swamiji!
      Swami Vimokshananda


  2. Revered Maharaj

    Om Namo Narayanaya!

    The slide show Certificate presentation of the different Sub Centres is indeed charming to see! Hopefully, the parents will also be encouraged to send their children to classes once they come to know what their children are learning.
    Thank you Maharaj!
    With love and respect
    PMB, SA


    1. Yes, Sunil !
      Its a matter of time that the parents start taking interest in the whole process of educating their children. One old lady came to me recently at Ladysmith function and thanked me profusely. When I asked what for she was thanking me, she said that she, as grand ma, did not have enough time to spend with her grand kids; and so also the parents! Therefore what the Ramakrishna Centre through its 14 branches is doing in this country was an eye-opener for her, because the Centre was able to mobilise and motivate the Teachers to teach about our religion to the children who would not have got such spiritual values otherwise.
      Swami Vimokshananda


  3. Revered Swamiji,
    My humble pranam. With the assistance of my dad, I viewed the slide show tonight showing the presentation of PMB certificates and was pleased to see such a beautiful slide show. I feel so honoured being on Swamiji’s blog and will be glad to show triple s and the rest, of their photos! Shubharathri! Swamiji.
    PMB, SA


    1. Dear daughter Sonal
      I am glad that you viewed the PMB Certificates Award Slide show and you, I remember were one of those children who received the Certificates. Yes, the three siblings Triple S (Shwesta, Shreyanti and Sashiv) must also see the slide show. If you want to see more different photos then you should visit this Picasa website where there are many more albums not only of PMB but also of other major events of different Centres in SA.
      I am so happy that you all quickly learnt and warmly greet me with Shubharatri rather with ‘GoodNight’ and Durga, Durga with ‘bye, bye’ when I depart in the night! Thats wonderful !
      Looking forward to see ALL of you in the Southern Natal Children Cultural Festival on 7th July in Durban,
      With prayers
      Swami Vimokshananda


  4. Aum namo narayanaya Swamiji!
    I am very glad to see the certificate presentation of our branch on Swamiji’s blog. It was a very blessed occasion for the youth of the PMB branch to have Swamiji presenting us our certificates.
    We are truly looking forward to seeing Swamiji at our next Gospel class. Shubharatri ! Swamiji.
    Your child
    PMB, SA


    1. Dear beti Shwestha!
      Yes, I too was very glad to be present in your branch. Gospel classes are conducted once in every month at PMB, Rega Temple and Chatsworth on First Friday, Fourth Monday and Last Friday respectively. I always look in these classes children sitting and I try to bring in stories suitable for children. Once in your branch Gospel class there were so many children, the Class actually became a Class for children. And the adult devotees said later to me that they all enjoyed the class more!
      On 5th evening hope to meet you and other children as usual!
      May the Holy Trio’s blessings be with you all!
      Swami Vimokshananda


  5. Aum Namo Narayanaya Swamiji
    I was very grateful to see the wonderful slideshow with certificate presentations of the different sub centres. It is very pleasing to see how many children have wrote the Hinduism for children exams. We are all looking forward to seeing Swamiji soon.
    Shubharatri Swamiji!
    PMB, SA


  6. Aum Namo Narayana Swamiji Maharaj!

    I am pleased to view the certificate presentation of the different branches. I am very glad that my children (TRIPLE S) are part of the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa. We are all looking forward to seeing Swamiji at the Children’s Cultural Festival.

    My Pranams to you Swamiji!
    PMB, SA


    1. Dear Sunitha
      I am happy to note that you, being the parent of the ‘Triple S’ children, take keen interest in ensuring that your children are always sent to Sunday School classes without interruption. It is because of such parents that children grow into fine citizens. Keep up the good work in the interest of the children’s welfare. We would like to see the parents as well (You NOT exempted!) in the weekly satsangs and other functions!
      May Shri Ram bless you all!
      Swami Vimokshananda


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