Navaratri – Day 1

Navaratri – Day 1
This year the first day of Navaratri viz. Thursday, 25th September was spent in Estcourt. Sunil and Barry from PMB took me to Maha Gayatri temple where the Swami Sahajananda hall was full with devotees. Three lady devotees performed a special opening puja guided by a pandit. Rajesh, the Chairman of Estcourt satsang group welcomed all. The bhajans were also led by him.

Seeing the holy atmosphere, my elated enthusiasm backed by Divine Mother’s grace made me speak for more than an hour. Since the first three days of Navaratri are dedicated to the worship of Mahakali, discussion centred around the form of Kali and the spiritual import of Her intriguing aspects. I touched upon in detail about 1) why She is depicted in dark colour, 2) why she is shown always as “walking” not standing or sitting, 3) why She is shown as naked, 4) why She has garland of ‘mundamala’, 5) why her tongue is out etc.

The joy of navaratri is infectious indeed ! Once the Satsang was over the assembled lady devotees led by youth group started the popular fascinating ‘garba’ dance to the recorded rhythmic music! All were given with supper prasad.

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One thought on “Navaratri – Day 1

  1. Pranam Maharaj. Mother is ever present. Maa is also with her children. Revered Maharaj I can imagine the holy vibration when You speak on any Topic especially on the the way you explain to all the devotees. Revered Maharaj you have taken Master& Maa to every corners of this country. Never to be forgotten by devotees & public from every society. You have brought together different cultures together.


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