Glory of the Goddess

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5 thoughts on “Glory of the Goddess

  1. Aum Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaya Vicche!
    Thank you Dearest Maharaj for sharing the Glories of Our Glorius Divine Mother with us!
    With love and prayers,
    Durban, South Africa


  2. Revered Swamiji
    My prostration to Divine Mother Durga.
    Happy to see the programme that I received at my last visit to the ashram. The flyer is no doubt designed beautifully. Perhaps for the first time in colour!
    I have listened to your Talks. It was always a feeling of being my thirst for knowledge quenched. But I also feel that you have increased my thirst more and should have spoken more. I even do not know how one hour of your Gita class on Sundays goes! It’s mesmerising. I get so much of info and practical hints for my spiritual life. Thanks for providing chair with the writing desk for the audience.
    I am eager to listen to you on all the three days on “the Glory of Goddess ” during the Durga Puja celebration.
    May Mother Durga be with you!
    My respectful prostration at your feet.

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  3. OH dear Mother
    You have come down here to your Father`s place and is now doubly happy! Please bless us with discrimination, vairagya and viveka!
    Swami Tatpurushananda
    Chennai, India


  4. Dear Swamiji
    Our humble pranam at your Holy Feet.
    Time, Kala has sped by so fast and its almost a year since you have left our shores. Please forgive me for not writing earlier as I was concerned about your hectic schedule and relocation and did not want to interrupt your busy schedule.
    In the interim, I sought from others about your well-being and asked them to convey our best regards to you. Your Blog and invitations to Satsangs at Singapore Ashram and the memories of your journey to Amsterdam and other parts of Europe has and will always be kept alive in our memories.
    We hope and pray that all is well at Singapore and trust that Your trip to Malayasia was successful. Swami Sumanasananda is also a very Loving Swami and is endeavouring to forge a loving relationship with the Devotees and am certain that by the Grace and Blessings of our Holy Trio, all will be well.
    Dear Swamiji, we have booked on a cruise from Hong Kong to Cape Town in March 2016 and dearly hope to meet with You. Navaratri Celebrations are continuing with daily talks by Swami Sumanasananda and hope that the Celebrations at Singapore are as blissfull as is the Blissfull Mother.
    Om Tat Sat
    Your Loving Devotee
    Shiva & Mums Moodley
    La Mercy, Durban, South Africa

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