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5 thoughts on “NIRVANA 91 – Oct-Dec 2016

  1. Dear Revered Maharaj,
    Delighted to see my review of “In the Divine Realm” published in the online version of Nirvana No. 91. Many thanks for publishing it. I’m awaiting the hard copy of the magazine, which should arrive shortly.
    Swami Vimohananda, your almost-namesake, did the translation and supervised the publication of the book. He is attached to Advaita Ashrama in Kolkata.I helped to edit it under his supervision. My computer skills are hopeless, and I don’t know how to forward the online version of the review to him. He might like to see it. I wonder if you could please kindly forward it to him.
    Sorry to have to ask this, as I know you are very busy. Many thanks if you can manage this.
    Yours with love, pranam, and namaskar,
    Bill (William Page)
    Bangkok, Thailand


  2. Aum Namo Naryanaya Swamiji
    It was very, very heart warming to see Maharaj with all smiles when Maharaj made the FaceTime call last week. I too was excited and lost for words and immediately told Mums. Although like many, you are in my thoughts every day and whilst reading Maharaj’s weekly blog, I knew someday you will receive my thoughts telepathically.
    It is so good to see Maharaj travelling to distant lands to spread the words of our Holy Trio and pray that the blessings of the Holy Trio be upon Maharaj. It will be my privilege to serve in some small way whenever Maharaj wishes to visit us in South Africa. Please let me know.
    I had a long conversation with Revered Sumanasananda Maharaj a few weeks ago at the Ashram precinct and we visited 2 of my Farmer friends on a Fund Raising drive. Navarathri Celebrations commenced on Saturday and all is going on well and we have been invited to perform Arathi tomorrow ie. Tuesday.
    My Grandson is with me as I write, as he is on school holiday and keeps interrupting me as he needs my attention.
    Please accept our humble pranam and may the Blessings of our Holy Trio be upon you and Bless us with Peace and Happiness.
    With Divine Love and Prayers.
    Shiva & Mums Moodley
    Durban, South Africa


  3. Pranam Swamiji,
    Imparting spiritual knowledge is the best form of gift you give to the society. This is known from time immemorial and Swami Vivekananda reiterating this.
    & Swamiji is truly doing justice to the same, spreading the message.
    In a way, each one of us also has a part to play for this awareness and we are with him too.
    Warm Regards,
    Shubha Kota


  4. Aum Namo Narananaya
    Dear Swamiji
    I hope and pray that your health has improved as I was concerned. I tried making a FaceTime call on Sunday and unfortunately I was unable to speak to you. Therefore, I write to enquire if all is well.
    May the blessings of the Holy Trio be upon you and may you have a speedy recovery!
    I will be sending a little something with Mr. and Mrs. Moodley during their visit to Singapore amongst others and should Swami require anything, please let me know. Dusty has already met with us and requested the Moodleys to take a parcel for you and which they have agreed.
    May peace be upon all of us.
    Please accept our humble pranam.
    Shiva & Mums Moodley
    La Mercy, Durban, South Africa


    1. ||Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||
      Dear Shiva and Mums
      Thank you both for the concern about my health! Yes, it was a viral fever and stayed with me for 8 days as a guest! I ‘treated’ it well!
      Thanks also for remembering me to send “something” which I always consider “valuable” when received from any devotee. ‘Giving’ is a natural trait of all devotees in South Africa. I am looking forward to meeting here in Singapore the arrival of our elderly devotees Moodleys. I received a mail from their daughter Umsha from USA also.
      May the Holy Trio bless all of you!
      Swami Vimokshananda


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