SingaSpeaks – Roar 32

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2 thoughts on “SingaSpeaks – Roar 32

  1. Pranam Maharaj.
    I am an Initiated Devotee of Revd.Sw.Ranganathanandaji Mj.
    l will be definitely obliged, if I can get some of the Incidents happened with Singapore Center, of Guru Maharaj,that can be shared by you. Any photograph, any audio/video Lecture etc.
    Please send me those at my email or WhatsApp no.i.e.+918605323081. Thank you!
    Jay Ramkrishna!
    Ichalkaranji 416115
    Maharashtra, India


    1. ||Aum Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||
      Dear Vasant
      Sorry, we do not have in our archives. But almost all incidents have already appeared in many books. Revered Maharaj visited Singapore only once!
      Swami Vimokshananda


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