SingaSpeaks – Roar 47

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3 thoughts on “SingaSpeaks – Roar 47

  1. Dear Swamiji,
    I remember being very happy by the end of the program when I walked out the door.
    I remain happy.
    Warm regards
    Shubha Kota


  2. Jai Ramakrishna!
    Revered Maharaj,
    Please accept my pranam.
    Many thanks for this post on interfaith harmony highlighting the activities of IRO and the important role of Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore in it. Earnestness in working towards this goal is strikingly displayed by all the participants. Revered Swami Satyalokananda‘s emphasis on God experience as the basis for harmony is indeed the punch point.
    As I was reading this wonderful report yesternight, a beautiful Tamil song of yesteryears – Shanti Nilava Vendum, Ulagile Shanti Nilava Vendum, Atma Shakti Onga vendum (Let peace prevail in this strife torn world, let the power of spirit grow in strength)- welled up from within my heart and prompted me to access it’s link in You Tube which is as follows:
    With pranam once again,
    T S Sitaraman
    Hyderabad, India


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