Master and Mahadeva

Vedanta in Practice

A very happy, auspicious Maha Shivaratri to every one here!

A few years back, over a cup of cappuccino, one devotee came to meet me. As usual I asked him who was he! And he went on to give an elaborate reply such as that “firstly, he was a devotee of the latest Incarnation who brought the idea of harmony, love, peace and sacrifice to Society – Sri Ramakrishna”. He added that he also presents “a radio program on Hindvani, an Indian community based Radio station in South Africa”. He “had written a Religious Review on Sri Ram‘s Puja method”.

He in all seriousness continued to say that he was “a schoolteacher by profession – with some thirty years of experience. That is – two generations”. So he proudly announced to me that he has “a fair idea of how the older ones thought, and how the younger ones…

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