Divine weddings

Aum namash shivaaya

In our Phoenix sub-centre, the gathering of senior citizens on every Tuesday is a big event. More than 500 people assemble – most start trickling into the campus as early as six in the morning. It is a joyful feeling to see them mingling in the crowd and talking to each other  thus creating a fine divine bond of relationship in the name of our Master.

Many a time I do visit to address them for half an hour. It has benefitted me in a variety of ways: to look upon them as varied manifestation of Master and Mother; to enjoy the wonderful smiles on each of them; to engage them in some sort of philosophical thinking; to make them feel free and laugh so as to keep the negative, worrying thoughts at bay.

Today when I stood before them and began my speech, I didn’t know what subject I should talk about. Mahashivaratri is on next Monday night. Why not I speak on Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, I thought. I started thus: ” I just wonder whether I should greet you all a very happy Valentine’s Day?” That question brought loud laughter amongst the assembled senior citizens.

jagatah pitarau vande paarvati parameshwarau - I bow down to Paarvati and Parameshwar the parents of the Universe

The eternal love between the Divinities has had captured the imagination of very many poets. Puranas excel in retelling the story of wedding of Shiva and Shakti in most enjoyable form of narratives. So I went on to say about Shiva’s wedding with Parvati – one when She was born as a daughter of Daksha and another when she was born to Himavan.

Both the wedding stories are fascinating. I adapted the former story  from Sri Ramacharitamanas of Saint Tulsidas and the latter heard from a katha-kalakshepam done by Kripananda Variyar many, many years back. Both kept the audience on tenterhooks.