Jai Jagaddhatri !

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Divine Mother Sri Sri Jagaddhatri in full regalia worshipped in clay model at Ramakrishna Mission TB Sanatorium, Ranchi, India

This is the famous Sri Jagaddhatri stotram in easily recitable twelve verses.

Today is the auspicious devi navami tithi when Sri Jagaddhatri, the Magnanimous Mother’s puja is performed among the devotees of Devi worshippers. Hardly I knew about this puja before I was posted to Ranchi Sanatorium centre in 1995. The Puja was an unforgettable experience as I had, year after year for long 12 years, the blessed opportunity to witness it and hence I remember today as devotion swells in my heart. The full details how this wonderful worship of Ma Jagaddhatri “mela” is performed can be seen here.

Last year, one devotee Kiran from Nottingham, UK read a post in this blog on the worship of Mother Jagaddhatri. It seemed that she was very inspired to read the account of how this puja started at Joyrambati. She then requested publishing of this hymn.

I am aware that many of our SA devotees who are not familiar with Sanskrit lipi (script) may find it difficult to read. Thats why I have added the English transliteration.

Hope on this holy day, devi bhaktas get the benefit of Her blessings by reciting this wonderful hymn. There is an audio too which I have placed below for the convenience of getting the pronunciation aright. Please click the below link and listen while you read through the transliterated version. For easy reading I have at some places broken the words…


Jagaddhatri stotram (Aadhaarabhoote)


  • aadhaara bhoote chaadeye driti roope dhurandhare |
  • dhruve dhruva pade dheere jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • shavaakaare shakti roope shaktisthe shakti vigrahe |
  • shaaktaachaara priye devi jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • jayade jagadaa nande jagadeka pra poojite |
  • jaye sarva gate durge jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • paramaanu swaroope cha dvayanu kaadi swaroopini |
  • sookshmaati sookshma roope cha jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • sookshmaati sookshma roope cha praanaa paanaadi roopini |
  • bhaavaa bhaava swaroope cha jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • kaalaadi roope kaaleshe kaalaa kaala vibhedini |
  • sarvaswa roope sarvajnye jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • mahaa vighne mahot saahe mahaa maaye vara prade |
  • prapancha saare saadhveeshe jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • agamye jagataam aadye maaheshwari varaan gane |
  • ashesha roope roopasthe jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • dvisapta koti mantraanaam shakti roope sanaatani |
  • sarva shakti swaroope cha jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • teertha yajnya tapo daana yoga saare jagan mayee |
  • twameva sarva sarvasthe jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • dayaa roope dayaa drishte dayaar dre dukkha mochani |
  • sarvaa pat taarike durge jagad dhaatri namostu te ||
  • agamya dhaama dhaamasthe mahaa yogeesha hrit pure |
  • ameya bhaava kootasthe jagad dhaatri namostu te ||