Sri Rama Navami

In the ALL TIME stats as on today, the top Post was about Rama and the Post on Hanuman runs third. Hence I have brought these two old posts also in the front so that reading consecutively may be of interest to people. This is the result of a suggestion received from one devotee-reader Havasen Reddy, SA.

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Hanuman – the curse and the cure 624
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Satyam Shivam Sundaram ! 531
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||Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||

Dear Devotees

The Ramayan is a masterpiece of Divine Love to Sri Ram. Throughout the verses of the Ramayan, the learned find knowledge, the singers get celestial music, the writers revel in rich poetry and the righteous, a storehouse of Dharma. In this respect the Ramayan is a storehouse of all sarva-mangala without parallel.

Pawanasuta Hanumani ki Jai ! - courtesy Sri Sunil Parthab
Sri Raama dootam shirasaa namaami - Pawanasuta Hanuman ki Jai ! - courtesy Sri Sunil Parthab

Here, my mind is humbly reverting to Sri Hanumanji. A perfected soul of sterling character, his matchless valour and invincible strength, self dedication and his devotion to Lord Ram is second to none! A true Karma yogin, he discharges his duties with utmost sincerity “Ram kaaj karibe ko aatura”. An ardent Bhakti yogin, he derives immense bliss in listening to his Lord’s story, “Prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasiyaa” Yes! all these wonderful traits are very important, especially if we are seeking to lead healthy, peaceful and spiritual lives. In this entire journey of life – our merciful Master is with us, eager to help when we stumble, forgive us when we make mistake, and encourage us when we falter.

Every devotee is precious to the Lord, and He is ever ready to help us succeed.

Every Hindu home must have a copy of the Ramayan, and regular reading of this sacred Book will enable us to emulate the exemplary and immaculate lives of Sri Ram, Mother Sita, Hanumanji and a host of bright and wonderful characters found in this gem of our scriptures.

So, dear devotees, on this very auspicious Day of Sri Ram Navami, let us all take a resolve to cultivate faith and love for our dear Lord Ram. Did not our Master say over and over again that “The One who became Rama and Krishna, has now come into this case (showing his body)”? May all who are tuned to our Master be Blessed with spiritual love and enlightenment!

Swami Saradaprabhanandaji also joins me in wishing everyone of you, abundance of love and healthy life.

With love and prayers

Swami Vimokshananda

Rama Navami decoration at Ramakrishna Temple in HQ
Rama Navami decoration at Ramakrishna Temple in HQ