Guru’s Grace

Sri Swami Nirvananandaji Maharaj (Sujji Maharaj), a disciple of Swami Brahmananda, was one of the Vice-Presidents of the Ramakrishna Order. I had the blessed fortune of being initiated by him. On this auspicious occasion of Sri Guru Purnima, I am happy to recollect one wonderful incident in my Guru’s early life – how Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi guided him. Originally published in Sri Sri Mayer padaprante (Vol. III), in Bengali, these reminiscences are translated by Mrs. Maloti Sengupta.


Holy Mother – the Guide

by Swami Nirvanananda

It was March or April of the year 1915. I was then engaged in attending on Brahmanandaji Maharaj at Belur Math. I used to notice monks and brahmacharis of my age set out for tapasya with the permission of Maharaj. They would go off to the Himalayas or go elsewhere and spend a year or so there in spiritual practices. One day I too approached Maharaj and asked permission to go for tapasya. At once he said: ‘What else are you doing here? Your serving here is much more effective than tapasya. You don’t need to go anywhere else.’ In spite of these words when I kept pressing him for permission he suggested that I obtain permission from Mahapurush Maharaj. As soon as Mahapurush Maharaj heard my prayer he exclaimed: ‘Are you crazy? Where else will you go for tapasya? Be assured that everything can be gained by just serving Maharaj.’ Still I persisted with my request. At last he said: ‘Well, go to Baburam Maharaj. You may go only if he gives permission. When I went to Baburam Maharaj his response was the same but more vehement. He cried out: ‘Have you really gone mad, Sujji? Don’t you see that Thakur dwells within Maharaj? Will you be in such close proximity to the spiritual son of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna anywhere else?’ Finally he gave in to my pleadings and said: ‘Okay, Mother is now at Udbodhan. If she allows you, then you may go. But at first go to Kalighat and worship Kali there. Then go to Mother for her blessings. Know that she who is in Kalighat and the one who is at Bagh Bazar (Udbodhan), are one and the same.’
     Having visited the temple at Kalighat I reached Udbodhan. I was the last in the queue of devotees desiring darshan of Mother. From afar I observed Mother sitting with her face veiled and blessing everyone who offered pranams to her. Finally all the devotees departed and it was my turn. When I stood up after prostrating at her feet I found that Mother had uncovered her face completely. All smiles, she said: ‘Take this sweet, son, eat it.’ She herself gave me the prasad. I gave her an account of activities at the Math. Lastly I placed my appeal before her. After giving me a patient hearing Mother said: ‘Thakur did not like the practice of going out and indulging in harsh disciplines, my child. Besides, where will you go for tapasya leaving the Math and Rakhal? You are serving Rakhal, isn’t that sufficient?’ But I went on insisting childishly on having her permission and blessings for tapasya. Finding me adamant Mother yielded: ‘Well, you may go for tapasya, but go to Kashi. However, you have to give me word that you will not undertake austerities intentionally and needlessly. If on the way help comes unasked, you will accept it. Even during tapasya at Kashi if anybody offers you anything, you will accept it. You will stay at the Sevashram and if the urge is very strong you may beg your food outside. This will serve both purposes – Kashivas (dwelling in Kashi, a centre for pilgrimage) and tapasya.’ I gave her word that I would abide by her instructions. However, I sought her permission for travelling to Kashi on foot. I did obtain her consent but I was aware that the proposal was not to her liking. After offering my pranams to Mother and receiving her blessings I returned happily to the Math and reported everything to Maharaj, Mahapurush Maharaj and Baburam Maharaj.
     A few months later, having bathed in the Ganga before daybreak I set out for Kashi with only a little cloth-bag. I had a staff in one hand and a kamandal (water pot used for religious purpose) in the other. Being then a brahmachari I was clad in white cloth. I tore the cloth into two pieces, wearing one half around my waist and wrapping the other half round my shoulders. I was on my way to Kashi, alone, along the Grand Trunk Road. It was the month of Bhadra (August-September), the weather, therefore was sultry. As I trudged on I realized that my walking down to Kashi was against Mother’s will. On the way I was rather unwell and grew weak. For two days I had almost nothing to eat. At times I felt a little aggrieved that I was in such a predicament in spite of her blessings. On the third morning I lay exhausted under a large mango tree on the wayside. Silently I complained to Mother about such an outcome of her blessings. A little later a car halted under the tree. A family alighted from the car intending to have their food under the shade of the tree. I lay down as before, not interested in them or their activities. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice: ‘Isn’t it Sujji Maharaj? What brings you here?’ On looking up I saw a well-known face, that of a devotee who was a frequent visitor at the Math. When he heard that my destination was Kashi he said: ‘Come with us in our car. We are going to Madhupur. We’ll take you along as far as we can. I thanked him and said: ‘But I have resolved to walk all the way.’ At that he had food served to me first – some parathas, fruits and sweets from what they had brought and filled my kamandal with water. I ate what he offered but despite their entreaties I neither boarded their car nor accepted their money. When they also had eaten, they departed and I resumed my journey. It seemed to me that I was walking endlessly. Due to walking barefoot, blisters had developed in my feet, and the whole body was aching. I walked mostly at night, because walking during the day was painful. Three more days passed during which I had only a few guavas to eat. It struck me then that those people had wanted to take me along some distance in their car but I had not agreed. Mother had said: ‘Don’t undertake austerities intentionally and needlessly.’ By turning down the devotee’s request I had disobeyed Mother, so my suffering may be due to that. When I asked for alms people mocked me. Being clad in white was perhaps another reason for alms not coming my way. However, I used to walk about 20 miles each day. Travelling in this manner in the evening of the seventh day, I reached a village on the border of Bengal and Bihar, in the district of Hazaribagh.
     The name of the village was Birpur [sic]. After much searching I succeeded in finding a temple of Shiva where I took shelter for the night. The place was swarming with mosquitoes. I realized that it would be impossible to spend the night there. As I sat there warding off the mosquitoes, once again the potency of Mother’s blessings was revealed to me. At about 9 o’clock the priest, a young man, arrived. He took a close look at me and put some questions to me. Then he sat down to worship and when that was over, said to me in Hindi: ‘Come home with me. Bears and other animals come here at night.’ I was about to say ‘No’ but Mother’s words came back to me: ‘don’t undertake austerities intentionally.’ So I accompanied him without further delay. I found a quite well-to-do family. His widowed mother was very pleased to see me. She took me to their shrine to perform my japa etc.

I was startled when I noticed a picture of Sri Ramakrishna amidst those gods and goddesses. I stood there overwhelmed, and tears filled my eyes. How did he come to be there, an obscure village on the border of Bihar and Bengal? I can hardly describe the joy and the faith that surged in my heart. The old lady detained me for three nights with her loving care. She herself prepared khichuri, malpua and so many other things for me to eat. She applied some ointment to the blisters under my feet and smeared a paste of turmeric and lime on my sprained foot to reduce the pain. After three days I felt that I was quite well and could resume walking. The old lady, however, objected. She said: ‘No, my child, you are still weak. You can’t walk alone such a long distance to Kashi and do penance there. Here is your ticket, you will travel by train.’ Remembering Mother’s words this time too I did not refuse. They helped me board a train at a nearby station.
     The old lady and her son recounted to me the story behind the picture of Thakur in their shrine. Once the son had made a trip to Kashi. Seeing the picture of Thakur on a calendar hanging in a shop selling homeopathic medicine he had asked for it and brought it home. I think it must have been M. (Mahesh) Bhatta-charya’s shop. He had learned at the shop itself that the picture was of Sri Ramakrishna – ‘Ramkishan, perhaps some Bengali avatar.’ Both mother and son stated: ‘However, after bringing this picture home everything has taken a turn for the better.’ When I asked the son why he had asked for the picture, he answered: ‘There seemed to be some magic in Ramakrishna’s eyes. His eyes drew me irresistibly, so I asked for the picture. Then I had it framed.’
     I reached Kashi by train. The old lady and her son had wanted me to spend a few more days with them. I somehow succeeded in leaving on the fourth day, much to their disappointment. Till I reached Kashi everything went smoothly. I realized then that after leaving the Math, Mother had been constantly with me.
     Mother had stated: ‘Stay at the Sevashram and if the urge is very strong you may beg your food outside.’ But my impetus for tapasya being excessively strong I decided that the period of my tapasya I would spend outdoors. If I put up at Sevashram the sense of security would affect my tapasya. So I resolved to stay outside and also to beg my food. I found a suitable place in an old garden house near the Ganga and I earnestly devoted my time to meditation, japa and tapasya, while depending on alms for food. The place was not a healthy one. It was infested with insects and mosquitoes which hardly let me be in peace. I understood why Mother had advised me to stay at the Sevashram and to live on alms ‘if the urge was very strong’. The alms in North India, consisting of dal (lentil soup) and chapattis did not suit my constitution. Soon I started to feel quite worn out. I felt my enthusiasm was fast declining. To revive my fervour I visited revered Latu Maharaj (Swami Adbhutananda) who used to dwell on a ghat on the banks of the river. Seeing me he asked very tenderly: ‘Sujji, what has come over you? Why do you look so weak? I fear that begging does not suit you. Well, take these two rupees. Master Mashay (M.) sends the money to me every month to have milk. Take these two rupees and have a little milk everyday.’ As he himself used to practise severe austerities, it hurt me to accept the money. However, Mother’s words: ‘don’t undertake austerities intentionally’ recurred to me. So I was compelled to accept it. This expression of his love brought tears to my eyes.
     My health did not improve, rather it declined further. I contracted dysentery which aggravated due to my living on begged food. One day my condition was so bad that I just lay down in that garden house alone. I had nothing to eat and there were frequent evacuations. Suddenly I heard the sound of some people nearby. The owner of the house – a lady – entered my room. She had come to see the house after several years. At the sight of me, in that state, everything was clear to her. She may have heard about me from the caretaker of the house. Immediately she gave orders for a good room to be fixed up for me and added that rice, vegetables, milk, etc. – everything essential for my diet, should be provided to me. This time too I was about to refuse but remembering Mother’s instructions, I accepted all. It seemed to me that Mother herself had come in the form of that lady and made arrangements for my food and rest.
     In a few days I recovered. By then I had realized that instead of doing tapasya I was accepting service from others. Calling Mother’s instructions to mind, I now took shelter at the Sevashram. After 6 or 7 months had passed in this manner, packing up my scanty belongings, I returned to the Math where Maharaj had been awaiting me with the anxiety of a father. I fell at his feet. That was the end of my desire to leave the Math and engage in tapasya.

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20 thoughts on “Guru’s Grace

  1. Pronaam Maharaaj, I have already read this in SriSri Maayer Padapraante itself. But on this ceremony today it came to me with another kind of message. As if it is giving me the assurance that wherever I stay She is always with me. Jai Maa Jai Prabhu!


  2. Respected Maharaj Ji,

    Kindly accept our regards & Pranam. The story of Swami Nivanananda Ji Maharaj made us realize again & again that “Ma” remains alwayes with her children; according to her own statement; ‘she is not merely Guru-patni; but real mother’.

    Swami Tapananda Maharaj Ji has returned back to Hazaribag yesterday (GURU PURNIMA) after his one week hospitalization at Seva-pratisthan, Kolkata and now out of crisis though very weak.


    Dipankar & Mithu


  3. Adarneeya Maharajji,
    I must have read this many times but every time I read this, gives me thrill and brings tears in my eyes ( tears of joy!!! ).

    I also think that a evolved soul like Rev. Sujji Maharaj ( having so much blessings of so many ISHWARKOTIS including ADYASHAKTI Herself, could not give up the desire of TAPASYA inspite of being told repeatedly, what to talk about normal human beings like us….SAADAR PRANAAMS FOR THINKING OF WELFARE OF DEVOTEES OF HOLY TRIO.


  4. Jai Thakurmaa,
    I read this in the holy trio forum previously. We are all the children of Shri Thakurmaa; they are always with us and taking care of us :)


  5. Respected Maharaj Ji,

    It was very inspiring to read the latest blog posting on your Guru Maharaj.

    It gives us the confidence that Mother is watching over us, always and forever. Tulu had the good fortune of offering pranams to Sujji Maharaj at the Bidya Bhaban college.

    We visited Yogodyan on Guru Purnima.

    Mihir Maharaj ji is at the Seba Pratishthan for a checkup. We had visited him.

    Please acccept pranams from All of us.

    S.K.Saha and family.


  6. in many ways my “initiation” to the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda movement happened thru the hands of Sujja ( as opposed to “Sujji” – as my grand-mother called him ) Maharaj. i was probably 4 or at best 5, i distinctly remember – we went to Narendrapur ( the Mission’s Boarding School near Calcutta ) in my father’s little Morris Minor with my grand-ma ( a disciple of Shankarananda Mj )- who pushed me to do pranam to Maharaj and he stuffed my hand with candies – the best prasad a child could ask for : -) may be those sweets wormed up to my heart and worked slowly but surely to my actual initiation some 30 years later by the grace of Swami Ranganathananda.

    and, since it’s Guru Purnima, can’t help recalling the comments of a venerable senior Swami at the Mumbai Math – whoseeing me in the crowd for Mantra-Diksha – joked ” Tumi Byata Mantra niye ki korbe – pocket e rekhe debey buro boyeshe dorkar laagbe boley” ( U bloke what will you do with the Mantra – keep it in your pocket for use in your old age !!)

    both these instances are – to my mind – separate examples of the culture of ‘loving kindness’ of the Swamis that got me hooked to the Math & Mission for good.


  7. Revered Maharaj

    Pranams at Thy Blessed Feet!

    I was really overwhelmed when I read this posting. To touch the Feet of Swami Vimokshanandaji, Who touched the Feet of Suji Maharaj, Who touched the Feet of Swami Brahmanandaji, WHO TOUCHED THE ‘LOTUS’ FEET OF THE MASTER!!! what SPIRITUAL CURRENT IS BEING PASSED TO THE DEVOTEES!! Just two words come to mind ‘BLESSED INDEED’ are the South African devotees!!!



  8. Reverred Maharaj,
    Kindly accept my pronam on the occasion of Guru Purnima. My father & mother are here. They were delighted to read the article. They had the good grace to visit Sujji Mahraj when he was staying in Belur Math besides Swamiji Maharaj’s room.


  9. Pranaam Swami Vimokshanandaji Maharaj

    The reading of ” Guru’s Grace ” was truly enlightening to the entent of bringing tears of joy and faith. Swamijee, thanks for blessing our souls passed down from the Holy Trinity.

    Vijay ho Swamijee


  10. Reverred Maharaj
    Please accept our pronam on Guru Purnima. A few days back I sent a mail to you. Hope you have received the same.Maharaj when you will come to India ?
    With our Pronam
    yours affectionately
    Amitav Sharmistha Dhar, Jamshedpur


  11. Dear Swamijee

    Om Namo Narayanaya

    Thank U for sharing this wonderful article. This article has strenghtened my faith in the Holy Mother and also in dear Swamijee. The few days that I spent with Swamijee has inspired me so much, I feel really blessed and honoured! I hope to spend many more similar days with Swamijee. It is really a wonderful feeling to Serve and be in Swamijee’s Holy Company. Many Thanks!!

    With love and Respect
    Srish Partab


  12. Jay Sri Ramakrishna

    Respected Maharaj

    It was very inspiring to read the blog posting on your Guru Maharaj.

    It gave me and my family confidence that MOTHER is watching over us always.

    Please accept Pranams from all of us. (Payal,Tarish, Sandhia, Rishi) of Glencoe.


  13. Dear Swami Vimokshananda…reading this account of your teacher made me want to meet Ma and hear directly from her how i should lead my life. I try hard to listen to what she says to me …as she looks at me lovingly. My prayer is to understand her instructions and always do as she says. Ma’s daughter.


  14. It is heartening to see the message that H.H Sri Swami Vimokshananda has penned on the passing away of H.H Sri Swami Chidananda president of Divine Life Society Worldwide. Thank you Swamiji for taking time in sharing your thoughts with us. May the Blessings of Bhagawan Sivananda be upon you always.

    Hari Om


  15. Revered Maharaj Ji,

    I had gone through the piece recollecting the austerities performed by Sujji Maharaj, Swami Nirvanananda Ji (Holy Mother – the Guide) and thus came to know of the practical aspects of sadhana performed by the then monks of the Ramakrishna Order. The effort itself is illumined with ample examples of wonderful thoughts and inspirations. Instead of practicing austerities unnecessarily, Holy Mother had suggested her spiritual sons to better cultivate pure devotion, love by serving the resident Swamis, Rakhal Maharaj, Baburam Maharaj and Mahapurush Maharaj. She in her umpteen grace made it possible to turn the aspiring soul’s attention towards the self. Those who live nearby are to be worshiped first, thus paving the way for fostering the possibility of seeing the Brahman, the supreme soul in himself at heart later. :)

    I conclude by quoting the inspired message of Swami Vivekananda “..May He who is the Brahman of the Hindus, the Ahura-mazda of the Zoroastrians, the Buddha of the Buddhists, the Jehovah of the Jews, the Father in Heaven of the Christians, give strength to you to carry out your noble idea.”

    Jai Sri Thakur! Jai Sri Maa! Jai Swamiji!

    With sincere Regards,
    Noida (Uttar Pradesh), India


  16. Respected Maharajji,
    By reading the incident of Sujji Maharajji, I was feeling that Mother is always protecting her child; only we have to keep faith on Her.
    Kolkata, India


  17. Thank you for this Swamiji!
    Maharaj who lives with us all the time comes so strongly to my mind after reading this, I am over whelmed. Wahe guru!
    Anila Gupta
    New Delhi, India


  18. Remembering Sujji Maharaj brings out the spiritual effect He had on all his devotees. As next year is Sujji Maharaj‘s 125th birth anniversary could we get together to commemorate?
    Sumona Mukherjee
    Kolkata, India


    1. ||Aum Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||
      Dear Sumona
      Wonderful idea! Most welcome!
      How do you think we should go about it? Could you explore with our Gol Park centre?
      Swami Vimokshananda


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