Navaratri – Day 5

Navaratri – Day 5


Monday, the 29th September was the panchami, the fifth day of navaratri. There was no outside programme. After attending to my routine sadhana, I decided to recite all the four stutis (hymns) from the sacred scripture “Devi Maahaatmyam”. This book is also known as “Durga saptashati” or more popularly simply as “Chandi”.

Chandi contains FOUR hymns.

The four Hymns are:

Brahma-stuti also known as Tantrik Ratri Suktam (Chapter 1): In the first episode, we find two asuras called Madhu and Kaitaba. In order to slay them Brahma needed the help of Divine Mother who was covering Lord Vishnu as yoganidra. So he prays to Her so that she withdraws from Vishnu. verses 72 to 87
Sakradi-stuti (Chapter 4): At the end of second episode, the Goddess Durga wins the battle with demon Mahishasura. He and his hordes were eliminated. The chief of devatas Indra praises her… verses 1 to 27
The “Ya Devi” Hymn also known as Aparajita-stuti or Tantrik Devi Suktam (Chapter 5): At the beginning of the third episode, at another time the devatas were in danger. Unable to cope up with their situation, they realise that Goddess had given an assurance in the past. They recall the Goddess’s promise to assist them and offer a hymn to the Goddess…verses 8 to 81
Narayani-stuti (Chapter 11): At the conclusion of the third episode, the twin brother demons Sumbha and Nisumbha were destroyed. Happy at the victory gained by the help of Devi Durga, the devatas sing this hymn…verses 8 to 22 “Narayani namostute” but ideally from verses 3 to 35.

The first hymn was chanted collectively every day in our daily satsang.

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One thought on “Navaratri – Day 5

  1. Jai Sri Ma!
    Revered Maharaj,
    Please accept my Vijaya Pranam.
    Many thanks for explaining the significance of the four hymns in Chandi. One incident from Holy Mother’s life revealing Her Transcendental dimension is narrated in the chapter ‘A Transcendental Presence’ from the book ‘Holy Mother Shri Sharada Devi’ by Most Revered Swami Gambhiranandaji Maharaj.

    …… One day when out on the morning walk by the Ganges, Professor Gokuldas De found the Mother sitting rapt in japa and meditation on the lowest of the steps leading down to the water. Gokuldas began chanting verses of the Chandi in his newly acquired tune in such a low voice that there was no possibility of his being heard by the Mother from the so far below. When he intoned the verse, ‘Saumya-saumya-tarashesha-sawmye-bhyas-tvatisundari’, the Mother turned back to find the devotee there, raised both her hands in token of blessing and then got merged in her japa again…….

    With Pranam once again,
    Hyderabad, India


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