Navaratri – Day 6

Navaratri – Day 6


Stanger is a small town about 75 Kms away from Durban. A few devotees took me by their car driving past Dolphin coast to reach Sri Sanathan Mundal by 6 30 pm. SSM has a big temple where the presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. Since it is a sanatan temple it has images of other Gods and Goddesses too. A holy vibration prevails there. The pujari of the Temple is Mishraji from Bihar, India who also came to SA sametime in 2007 when I reached here.

I sat there on a raised chair listening to the bhajans that were being sung. The front row children shined in their innocence while playing manjira with verve and vigour. No topic was given to me…so I started speaking about my earlier visits and how the devotees were open-minded and received me every time with love and warmth. The three days ending on the sixth day were dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi. Hence my discourse was on Mahalakshmi. The Chandi scripture says that Divine Mother is Prakriti and She forms the three gunas viz., sattwa, rajas and tamas. I expanded this theme to speak about these three aspects in Mahalakshmi. Amassing wealth for one’s own benefit is tamasik Lakshmi; if it is used for only one’s own blood relations, it is rajasik and when shared with absolutely unknown strangers belonging to weaker sections of society is sattwik Lakshmi.

After the discourse a sumptuous supper was served to all of us. All the devotees who attended the programme also had their supper. The Chairman of SSM presented me with a gift of cute box which was made of very valuable thambuti wood.

My repeat visit to this SSM was possible only because of the earnest request of the devotees who heard me earlier times like Krishnashtami etc. wanted me there during Navaratri celebration. This would remain as the last visit before my departure from this country.

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