A Time to get Together!

My hearty greetings to all the devotees, friends and admirers in Singapore and all over the world! My maiden Diwali night is here in Singapore! What a joyous day to worship Mother Kali in all Her glory! 


e-Satsang thru Blogging

WordPress provides statistics for Blogs hosted by them. Generally I am not a frequent visitor to statistics page to see how my Blog is fairing in the cyberspace. Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.16.53 AMToday on the eve of Diwali just I was curious and saw the results: The number of Visitors has been steadily rising. Each visitor has been hitting the pages 10 to 12 times! The cumulative hits from the beginning as on today stands at over 219,000 !!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.17.47 AMRegarding the maximum number of readers of this Blog, the majority still is coming from USA followed by India and then by South Africa. Most Singaporean devotees till recently did not know that I have a Blog and hence slow in picking it up. Many of them told me that they never had any inkling that I wrote a Blog! “A Blog from a monk!” was a usual surprise exclamation when they come to know of it! The devotees of other parts of world who have been frequenting this Blog are well familiar with this e-Satsang. That this Blog has been a source of joy to many a reader can be understood from the sincere comments they provide. Some are wont not to write; nonetheless they communicate either though email or cell phone and acknowledge their happiness. There are so far more than 1990 comments for 200 Posts. Perhaps the e-Satsang is still to catch up here!

Nightly Nostalgia 

On this day when I reviewed my Diwali experiences in the nearly last eight years of my stay in South Africa, I did become a little nostalgic! I wrote four posts in this Blog earlier about my Diwali days in SA. I thought that like me those devotees who were all associated with my travel to many parts of SA celebrating Diwali and who were with me may also experience nostalgia by re-reading those posts. And to all those new comers to this Blog, I do think that these posts would make interesting reading!

Focus on Four Posts

Diwali is a celebration of Lights. Staying in a comfort zone we thank God for providing prosperity. But should it end there? Should we not take it a Day to Light up another life? This question was discussed here in 2008 in this post.

Escourt Hindu public conduct Diwali Festival every year. This post appearing in 2010, details how the people of Escourt celebrated in a grand way when I was invited to be the Chief Guest in their celebration!

Diwali is a Five-day festival for Hindus. What did our sages earmarked each day to a particular event of the festival? Does this signify five levels of progress in one’s spiritual Life? An introspective peep into the rationality of five-day Festival is made in this post appearing in 2011.

Diwali nights are not dark nights. In worship the dark Kali is invoked though. Lamps of lights are lit. What do they signify? Who lights the lamp of knowledge inside us? And what is that darkness that is destroyed? This is discussed in this post written in 2013.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.04.42 amScreen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.05.52 am

Aum Sri Ramakrishnarpanamastu !

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14 thoughts on “A Time to get Together!

  1. Aum Namo Narayanaya
    Dearest Maharaji
    The days spent with you will never be forgotten. I can still remember the time that you came home and spent a wonderful evening with us. It was then as well a part of celebrating Diwali. It certainly brings back lots of beautiful memories.
    Wishing you a very Happy Diwali and may Mother Kali forever shower Her Grace upon you!
    Lots of love Maharaj!
    Chatsworth, South Africa


  2. Aum Namo Narayanya
    Most Revered Maharaj.
    My pranaam and humble prostrations at thy feet.
    Wishing Maharaj and all the devotees a blessed Diwali. Enjoy the many days of worship and celebrations.
    Jai Sri Ramakrishna !
    Amritha Juguth
    Pretoria, South Africa


  3. Jai Thakur Maa Swamiji!
    Aum namo Narananaya
    Revered Maharaj
    Loving pranam!
    It gives me great happiness to have your Holy ‘eCompany’.
    Yes, sure where ever you go, everyone also gets happiness and also gets blessed.
    Enjoy your first Diwali in Singapore. I am sure all the devotees there are also happy in your Holy Company.
    We also are very happy when you are happy. A real gem – we are missing!
    Pranam from Droupathi also.
    With loving Pranam,
    Sridutt Lutchman
    Durban, South Africa


  4. Maharaj
    Your blog is like a blessings to me.
    Festival gives a special meaning to me after reading your blog!
    Ranchi, India


  5. Our most loving and darling Maharaj,
    Whenever I think of “Light, Truth, Dharma and Purity” my mind gravitates to your most Holy Feet.
    Behind your guilelessness is a sharp, intelligent and discriminating mind.
    May you forever stand as a symbol of love and spirituality to the many devotees you interact with! Master has endowed you with a very special gift.
    May it’s fruits take root in all devotees of the Master.
    Happy Diwali!
    Your child
    Johannesburg, South Africa


  6. Happy Diwali Swamiji,
    Best wishes for the rest of the year.
    Thank you for your wishes and blessings!
    Durban, South Africa


  7. Namaskarams Maharaj.
    Wishing you and all the others at your end a very very happy and cheerful Deepavali. Let the knowledge of light always shine within our heart.
    The concept of e-satsang (as also the name, rather than of ‘blog’) is a superb idea, like the utsava moorthi going out on the streets for the benefit of devotees who are not able to visit the temple. This is even better i.e. this happens right in your home, at our convenient time just with a click of a mouse…..!
    Chennai, India


  8. Om Namo Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya
    Jai Ma Kali
    Revered & dear Maharaj,
    Please accept my Deepavali pranam. Please let me also wish you, other residents of the Ashrama there and all the blessed devotees of Singapore Ashrama a very, very happy Deepavali and a spiritually vibrant Kali Puja. Please have a nice ‘Ganga Snan‘ in the early morning. It is a custom amongst Tamilians, as you are aware, to greet each other in the morning of Deepavali, ‘Ganga Snanam aachchaa’.
    I fully echo the sublime sentiments of Gowriji on the impact of e-satsang.
    Many thanks for posting the immortal words of Swamiji on Mother Kali. He also termed ‘Kali worship is my especial fad’.
    With pranam once again,
    T S Sitaraman
    Hyderabad, India


  9. Beloved Maharaj
    No Diwali celebration is complete for us without thinking of you since we cannot start the day by vsiting you as we did before.
    The first visit and parcel on Diwali was always to you. Just as Swamiji attained love of Mother through Master, so we hope that through our monks comes the love of Sri Ramakrishna that grows within us. Whoever is within this holy company of Master’s closest children is blessed indeed as the Captains that steer us towards Master.
    May your Diwali in Singapore be joyous as I am sure the celebrations will be in a spectacular Singapore style! You are in our thoughts but more so you are in our hearts this Diwali.
    With pranam.
    Jay Sri Ramakrishna
    Shivani and Hasu
    Durban, South Africa


  10. Jai Ma
    Thou always come to us on the Deepavali night and we enjoy your serene Divine face at the Chennai Math sitting thru’ the whole night.
    Maharaj‘s blog is a blessing and add charm to the Dark night of Mother Kali. Visiting your blog is almost a revelation and a nostalgia for us as we are reminded of the significance of every pooja or jayanthi etc. Otherwise people will blindly do the same ritual not knowing their immanent significance and blessing.
    Pranam to you Maharaj!
    Ganga Snanam Aacha is the usual query with us in Tamil Nadu.
    Luckily self is now at Rishikesh just watching Mother Ganga flowing majestically.
    With affection and pranam
    Swami Tatpurashananda Puri
    Camp: Rishikesh, India


  11. Dearest Maharaj
    With a gleaming happy heart, I humbly bow down to thy lotus feet. Please accept our most deepest salutations. Happiest Diwali from my family, parents and sisters.
    We pray that Maharaj is well and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere in Singapore.
    It’s been very dry in South Africa for the past few months yet today, Mother has blessed us with some light rain showers. Most welcomed indeed!
    Maharaj, I am enjoying your recent blog…most wonderful to understand that “A blog from a Monk” has captured such a wide audience. We thank you Maharaj for making time to set up such an amazing blog.
    With love and affection,
    Your child
    Janisha Dilrajh
    Durban, South Africa


  12. Revered Maharaj-ji,
    Happy Diwali.
    Your “e-satsang” has always been a source of joy.
    It is the next best thing to being near you and listening to your holy discourses.
    Also,I can read it again and again till a new posting arrives.
    Pronam at your feet.
    Buddha D. Rudra


  13. Revered Maharaj
    Belated Happy Deepawali and Happy Chatt Puja Greeting to you!
    Rajen Nayak
    Sindri, Dhanbad, India


  14. Dearest Maharaj
    Humble prostrations at your holy feet!
    Wishing Maharaj a very joyful Diwali and thank you for keeping us in touch with you.
    We seek delight in hearing from Maharaj. Keep well, hale and hearty!
    With lots of love and warm wishes,
    Chatsworth, South Africa


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