SingaSpeaks – Roar 23

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3 thoughts on “SingaSpeaks – Roar 23

  1. Aum Namo Narayanaya
    Revered Maharaj
    Pranam at Thy Feet
    I trust this finds Maharaj well. Thank Maharaj for informing us of this Conference as I have personally never heard of it. I wonder if the Thirumurai is translated into English?
    This past weekend, Northern Natal hosted the annual Hinduism Conference, which was graced by Swami Sumanasananda, who gave a rapturous talk.
    Humble pranam
    Rohith Jeebodh
    Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


    1. ||Aum Sri Ramakrishna sharanam||
      Dear Rohith
      Thanks for your visit!
      Oh Yes, Thirumurai is indeed available in English. the best site would be here. Not only the original Tamil poem is given but also a transliteration in English and the running meaning in English.
      Thanks for telling me about the Hinduism Conference in Northern Natal. All the 8 years I have attended the Conference. You have some good speakers too. It would be a treat to attend Conferences in South Africa. One can easily understand the devotional fervour of the earnest devotees in serving the monks there!
      Well, I used to tell devotees, back in Durban (perhaps, to their little consternation!) that NN People are a bit different in disposition and a welcome at that!!
      Nice to know that you enjoyed the Talks of brother Sumanasanandaji.
      May Master be with you!
      Swami Vimokshananda


  2. Eye catching pictures of the event!
    I am sure the words did not escape the ears of the audience too! :)
    Praising the Lord and asking for nothing in return is the best form of prayer.
    Warm regards
    Shubha Kota


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