SingaSpeaks – Roar 99

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One thought on “SingaSpeaks – Roar 99

  1. Om Namo Narananaya Swamiji
    Please accept our humble Pranam.
    Trust You are well by the Grace of our Holy Trio. Thank You very much for posting me your weekly Blog which keeps me in touch with You.
    Once again, I have been invited to join the Management Board of which I could no longer refuse. Swami Sumanasananda informed us a few weeks ago at Satsang that You will be leaving to Head the newly acquired Ashrama in Dublin. It is with both sadness and somewhat joy that you have been posted to so distant a place. It has taken me a while to digest this news and have now accepted that the Lord knows what is best for all of us.
    We wish you our humble Blessing and hope the Lord permits us to be in Your Holy company whilist you are in Dublin.
    As for us, we are all fine, thanks to the Grace of Our Holy Trio.
    With Warmest of Regards & Humble Pranam
    Aum Namo Narananaya
    Vadivalu Moodley
    Tongaat, South Africa


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