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SingaSpeaks – Roar 44

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SingaSpeaks – Roar 41

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SingaSpeaks – Roar 39

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

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A few snaps of the past years’ Christmas Eve Shrine decorations! Courtesy: Raman R.

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Tale of two Trees

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 10.38.58 AMSwami Sunirmalananda is presently an Assistant Minister at our Geneva Centre in Europe. Recently I had an opportunity to read through his blog and found a Post indeed very interesting. With his permission, I re-post that article here in this blog for our reader-devotees. It actually explores a concept of ‘Gift receiving’ from Santa Claus and down the line to Sri Ramakrishna. The tree in both cases viz., be it Christmas Tree or Kalpa Tree, according to the author, refers to ‘the physical representation of our desire’. The Gift from Incarnations is nothing but a method helping the devotees to go  ‘inward’ and ‘find the kingdom within’.

This article was originally published by “Vedanta” – a bi-monthly magazine brought out by our London centre.

I hope you will also find it enlightening.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Image courtesy: Dr S Adhinarayanan, India

Happy Kalpataru day!

Happy New Year and Holy Kalpataru day!

Swami Sunirmalananda, a brother monk of our Order, graduated in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, came to Brazil in 2004. He gives talks, conducts courses, and presently lives in Curitiba.

He has circulated a thought-provoking essay on Sri Ramakrishna and Santa Claus on the eve of Christmas and New Year occasion. I received this through kind Dr Hiru Mukherjee of UK. A must read for all Ramakrishna devotees!

You can view that essay here. 

Open publication

Bharat Churiwala, Mumbai
Kalpataru wishes! Courtesy: Bharat Churiwala, Mumbai

Merry X-mas!

To all devoted readers - Merry X'mas!
Merry X-mas! The above digital painting was sent from India by Dr S Adhinarayanan












Vedanta Retreat

Devotees of the Ramakrishna Centre found a spiritually enjoying way of the Christmas holiday by participating in the ‘Vedanta Retreat’. It was held on Thursday, 25 December 2008 (6 a.m. – 6 p.m.) at the Centre, Glen Anil.

Satsang in temple hall
Satsang in temple hall

The program for the day started in a serene atmosphere with satsang, which included the chanting of hymns, singing of bhajans and kirtans like pranam mantras, Sri Ramakrishna Jaya Ashtakam, prakritim paramam, murta maheshvaram and bhajan on Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, song on Lord Ganesha and bhajan on the Divine Mother, reading from the ‘Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’ and chanting of Vedic shanti mantram.

Seminar in progress
Seminar in progress

Thereafter, all the participants of the Retreat moved over to the spacious Nischalananda Hall. A seminar was conducted on the Bhagavad Gita on the following topics when each speaker presented his/her theme with a captivating slide show presentation.
1. Divine Manifestations (Chapter 10) by Miss Jyothi Bhana.
2. Moral Code for Hindus (Chapter 16) by Prof. V B Jogessar.
3. Surrendering to God – Sri Krishna’s Final Message (Chapter 18) by Mr Bhavanesh Parbhoo.

Discourse on Isa Upanishad
Discourse on Isha Upanishad

This was followed by a discourse on: “First and Second Verses of the Isha Upanisad” by Sri Swami Vimokshananda. While explaning what the first two verses imply, the Swami first focussed on the Invocation mantra “purnamadah purnamidam”. He went on then to narrate the significance of the three aspects in each verse namely, permeation of everything by God, enjoyment by renunciation, not coveting others’ wealth in the first verse and living a long life, doing work unabated, keeping the attitude of non-attachment in the second verse.

A DVD presentation thereafter on Ganges was enjoyed by all. After a short break the devotees assembled in the Temple where Sri Hanuman Chalisa was recited in chorus. Devotees enthusiastically participated in the Guided Meditation, conducted by Swami Vimokshananda . At the end of Meditation, shanti invocations were chanted.

Swati Kulkarni in concert
Swati Kulkarni in concert

After Lunch prasad at  Dining Hall a devotional concert by Mrs Swati  Kulkarni (Vocalist) from India was heard attentively by the devotees. She was accompanied by two artistes namely Sam Rugbeer on Harmonium and Manesh Maharaj on Keyboard. Tabla support was provided by Ravi Rugbeer. Swati’s daughter Neha also sang and supported her mother. This was followed by a Talk: “The Holy Mother as an Example for Householders” by Pravrajika Ishtaprana of Sri Sarada Devi Ashram, Asherville. She used the slide show presentation deftly in order to bring home the simple but significant ideas of the Holy Mother, that can be practised in day to day life by anyone.

After a short break for Tea, devotees were asked to do the Likhit Japa. Question/Answer session was conducted by Dr H Parbhoo when Sri Swami Vimokshananda gave the answers.

All devotees once again assembled in the Temple Hall for the final session. It had the usual Silent Meditation, Arati, Evening Hymns, Bhajans and Concluding Prayers. Supper was served to all in the Dining Hall. This Retreat was restricted to 300 devotees.